Programs & Activities


Spend time strolling around our property and through our hay maze- perfect for a sunny day, or take a walk around our pond and see if you can spot our resident muskrat, Menzie! We have plenty to see outside of the McCulloch House Museum so make sure to leave yourself lots of time to wander around on a sunny day! We also run a variety of educational children’s programs throughout the season, including learning camps with varying themes. Please contact for more information on the learning camps.

tartan truth

The Tartan Truth

Ever wonder why tartans come in all different colors and designs? How long kilts have been around? Customized to fit the age of your group, students will be taken through the history of tartans, some legends and myths surrounding them and, for the younger children, they will have an opportunity to design their own Tartan. Students will also play the Tartan Truth game with familiarizes them with the provincial tartans and their meanings and get the chance to dress up in a great kilt. (Average time: 1.5 hours)

Family Roots

This program explores themes of immigration/emigration and the historical factors that influenced these moves. It will also allow each student to explore their own family history. Pictou county trends in particular will be examined and all information will be appropriate to the age of the students. Students are asked to collect information for the visit ahead of time. (Average time: 1.5 hours)

Walking Tour Of Pictou

Weather permitting, this 1.5 hour walking tour will introduce students to the Historical Homes in Pictou. Students will be given a booklet to be used throughout the tour showing them before and after pictures. Your tour guide will supplement the book with historical information from around the area. This program is suited to older children but the ‘tour’ can also be done inside for those who choose to do so. With the tour book in hand and powerpoint, groups can also be given a virtual tour.

 junior nature guide

McCulloch Junior Nature Guide

Thomas McCulloch was an avid naturalist so with this program we hope to instil that curiosity of nature into students. With age appropriate information, students will be given some history about using a compass. They will then navigate the property using compass directions, and learn basic nature exploring safety rules. Students will go home with a journal outlining all of the information they learned throughout the day. (Average time: 2-3 hours)


McCulloch Junior Highland Games

This outdoor activity introduces students to some traditional and not so traditional highland games and the origin behind them. From the caber toss to the welly throw the day is sure to be fun! Students will be given the history of each game when they first arrive and shown how each game is played. Once broken up into teams, students will perform each task in rotation until all games have been completed. (Average time: 2-3 hours)


A McCulloch Christmas

This program fills up fast so pre-booking early is a must! Suitable for grades 6 and under, students are introduced to Christmas in the 1800’s. How might the McCulloch children have celebrated Christmas? For fun, children will also be introduced to the Legend of the Christmas Spider, the Legend of the Christmas Stocking and the History of the Chocolate Chip Cookie! A craft and reindeer food is also part of the visit.


We invite teachers to book outdoor programs with other classes; however, indoor programs can hold at most two classes of children due to limited space. Programs are free but donations to offset the cost of supplies are accepted. All participants will receive a free pass to bring their family back for another visit. Teachers are welcome to use the property for their own lesson plans free of charge with pre-booking. In special circumstances, an interpreter may be able to visit the school to present programs. Please call for more information.